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VPC Went Vegas Day 4: Blue Monday.

My day starts out pretty decent. It took four sleeping pills but we put in about eight hours of sleep last night. I see Iebus made a deal in the HORSE tourney pocketing me some $ and Baars seems to be past most of his post blow-up depression. Baars gives some pristine advise this morning that translates poorly but I have to type it here for the local boys: “Ja, luuster. De petat mot verwerk waere asse werrum is’. Tegeltje.

We agreed to play the Wynn Daily this Monday. Normally we do a casino crawl on Monday but no one even dared to suggest it yesterday. Baars and I head over to Uncle Earl in Caesars but the joint doesn’t open until elven. Fantastic business plan for a breakfast joint imo. I’m not waiting 30 minutes for no Earl so we head towards the Forum Shops on our way to Encore. We obviously take the wrong street at The Fountain of The Gods and by the time we make it back it’s basically 11 o’clock so Earl it is anyways.

After a lovely Caesar Salad Wrap I have to convince Baars to take a taxi to Encore. Baars slipped into an every penny counts modus - which I know won’t last an hour - and wants to walk. F that. On our way to the taxi’s we see a shirt that we simply have to buy for mister X. When someone from the VPC loses big time we say ‘the bear was hungry’ from the Big Lebowski scene ‘sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes well he eats you’. With that in mind this shirt is a clear necessity.

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Beer = Bear in Dutch.

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We all gather in front of the Wynn poker room. Boy, are the VPC a sad bunch this Monday morning. For some it’s the reality of the money spend this weekend, for others it’s being away from the family for the first time and for others it’s the lack of sleep. For most it’s a combination of all of the above, though.

Mister X looks like the doctor just diagnosed him with stage Z cancer. Oppie looks like he’s undergoing a permanent cavity search while Hoebol looks like he’s about to start crying. I make myself scares and register for the Daily asap.

VPC Goes Vegas 2018. (3)

About 25 souls accompany VPC’s Hugo, Hoebol, Baars, Iebus and me in this Daily event which starts us off with a 10k stack. I splash around bit when the following hand occurs and makes me want to quit playing poker forever. MP limps 50 and we make it 200 in the cut-off with T4c. Because that is what we do with T4c. Deal with it. BB calls and MP calls as well. We try to use our range advantage on AK8r and bet 350. SB takes about 30 seconds to call. Limper folds. Turn is an off suit 5. Alright, we put villain on a weak ace, semi-strong king or a TJ/QJ combo, right? Slow played QQ-JJ that he’s not willing to give up just yet maybe, but that’s about it. Surely we can push him off all that. RIGHT? We bet 1k and villain tanks a good minute before calling. River 9. Villain checks and we load up the spitfire and drop an 80% bomb the river; 2.8k. Villain tanks forever and eventually calls. With…….. wait for it……… K3o.

Sure, we are polarised here but Come on. That doesn’t even beat hands we could potentially turn into a bluff here. I check how Baars – holding a hand ranking chart - is doing and he obviously has heaps. This calls for alcohol and I order a Budweiser right away. I actually battle my way back to like 15k when we get it in on a standard flip are left with 2,5 BB when re-entry closes.

We can't spin the 2.5 BB and I hang around to catch my next 1 $ Budweiser before I make my way over to the Venetian where the rest is supposed to be. Bricking these tournaments all day long is expensive so I need to have a chat with an ATM. I walk past the Venetian towards Casino Royale because they have the lowest ATM fees. Funny how that works. Taking a ten minute detour to save seven bucks while spending tons of money on all sorts of crap all day long. In Vegas you basically reach for your wallet somewhere between 15 and 25 times a day if I had to guess.

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I can’t find anyone at Venetian and just sit down in a 1/2 game and grind beers for a while. Eventually Hugo and Bozzie show up. The session goes well and I rack up around 18:30 to take a shower. Baars ends up bubbling the Wynn daily but is very happy with the fact that $ 140,- lasted him some good six hours. We agreed to have group dinner at Mandalay Bay at eight and go to MGM’s TopGolf afterwards. When I come out of the shower I see plans have changed. Apparently. Damvic, Baars, Hoebol & Oppie couldn’t wait till eight. Since we didn’t reconfirm the 8 o’clock meetup within seven minutes the boys ate elsewhere.

VPC Goes Vegas 2018. (5)

The good thing about this nonsense is that Iebus, Bozzie, Hugo and me now can go to The Naked Fish for Sushi. The dinner is fantastic apart from the fact that we have to listen to Bozzie rave on about his passion for spinach for about 45 minutes. The meal leaves us stuffed but I’m still in the mood for TopGolf. Unfortunately I’m the only one and we head back to Flamingo where the other three return to their rooms right away.

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I felt like shit before dinner but I’m doing oke now. Not tired yet so I walk over to the Bellagio for some poker. The 1/3 game is pretty good. One dude is on a 36 hour session and seems extremely proud of the fact he hasn’t showered in two days. There is a couple from Sweden at the table. As per usual with women from Sweden she is breathtakingly gorgeous.

It’s clear the Swedish couple haven’t played poker in a casino before. At one point the dude bets $ 20,- out of turn. When the action gets back to him the bet is $ 30,- and the dealer makes him put in his original $ 20,- bet. I tell the dealer he’s wrong. Dealer doesn’t respond. It tell him again and he looks at me annoyed. I request a floor who makes the correct ruling. The dealer then proceed to complain about most 1/3 players hardly know the rules to the game. I tell him he’s probably right but since it’s kind of his job it would be nice he knew the rules to the game and put him on the no-tip list which now contains one name.

I’m seated about one table away from a heated mixed game. Just about every hand on that table leads to a massive brawl. There is one dude not playing and telling a story to one of the active players. During the 10 minute – probably bad beat - story the player tells this dude to ‘f*ck off because nobody cares’ at least 15 times yet the dude just stands there and keeps telling his story. Fascinating.

Can’t quite remember but I think the session was pretty much break-even. I do remember seeing dealer Fred at the cage. Fred dealt a game I was in two years ago and never in my life had I seen anyone as annoyed at with his job as dealer Fred. It was golden and immediately puts a smile on my face. I head back to Flamingo around 02:30 hours where find Baars staring at the ceiling. That tells me all I need to know about how his evening went. The boys planned a trip towards the piano bar in NYNY but eventually everyone backed out due a serious case of the Vegas Monday Blues.

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