Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (2023)

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Andrew Zarudnyi

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Aug 28, 2020


Website Templates

Blog / Digital Marketing / Useful widgets for websites

Many websites have limited functionality for one reason or another, with the main one being the use of templates that require you to do some additional research and work if you want to customize them to your liking.

But if you want to be successful online, you simply must offer services that your competitors aren’t. You know, that something extra that makes you stand out. So, how can you add value and make your website more functional for clients?

In this blog post, we look at widgets, what makes them useful, and our top recommendations for widgets you should add to your website to make it more functional and fun.

What is a widget

A widget is a small functional block that is displayed on all pages of a website and is always in the users’ field of view, making them perfect for posting important information and notifications. For example, on the website of a travel agency, a local weather widget will definitely come in handy. With a widget in place, users don’t have to jump through any hoops to get weather forecasts online.

On sites for financial experts and enthusiasts, an exchange rate widget would be a great addition. And if you have an online store, add a block with consultants and a shopping cart widget. There is a vast number of various widgets and the most popular ones allow you to:

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  • Get the weather forecast;
  • Contact technical support;
  • Open a social media link;
  • Choose a price list;
  • Showcase goods.

Typically, widgets are pieces of HTML code that need to be inserted into web pages. Doing so presents clients and users with all the necessary functions.

Why websites need widgets

At first glance, it may appear that modern CMSs are perfect systems that do not require additional elements. But widgets help expand a website’s functionality and add features that its visitors will benefit from.

For example, certain widgets can:

  • Collect statistics on users;
  • Check their activities;
  • Increase site conversion.

Widgets allow website owners to collect important data and adjust their marketing campaigns based on it.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (1)

Widgets can serve many purposes. These small pieces of HTML code help you significantly improve both the general functionality and the aesthetic look of a website.

If you’re dealing with customers, you may want to add an online technical support chat widget to your site. There is nothing better than adding a special widget that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also allow people to contact support managers and quickly solve any problem. Many widgets offer complex functionality that greatly simplifies the website’s operation and the work of the people who serve it.

The most useful website widgets

It should be noted that each widget has its own degree of importance and usefulness for a website. What is good for one site may be completely useless to another. Nevertheless, there is a list of universal widgets that are equally useful for most online businesses that can be broken down into several categories. Let’s take a look at the most popular and convenient categories.

Customer service

This category is one of the most important ones for the majority of websites. If you sell goods or certain services, you need to be able to help your users understand everything you have on offer. After all, many people may encounter technical problems or unsuccessful payments. Such useful, but also cool HTML widgets can be very useful for your business. Here are the top three widgets:

  • Whatfix;
  • Testimonial;
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (2)

Online chats

Chats are a must-have component of any commercial website. Through chat widgets, users are able to ask questions and get answers. It is worth noting that there are automated live chats where part of the dialogue is reserved for special robot algorithms.

The top three online chat widgets are:

  • SnapEngage;
  • Userlike;
  • Olark.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (3)

For example, users can get answers to FAQs and move on to communicate with a real person only if their unique problem cannot be solved in the usual way.

Lead generation

Such widgets are especially of interest to anyone wanting to use a lead generator. This will automate many processes and create a widget icon for activating services. You could for example, add a widget that offers a free on-page SEO audit in exchange for an email. Then you can email the lead and move them down your sales funnel. Here are the three most popular options:

  • HelpCrunch;
  • Envybox;
  • Facebook Leads Ads.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (4)

Email marketing & signups

This category of widgets is especially popular for email marketing and subscription enthusiasts as it allows conversions to drive product sales and overall brand awareness. Marketing campaigns often provide such widgets. It is only necessary to use a block of HTML code in order to put it on the site and activate the subscription form as well as other actions.

The top three widgets are:

  • Mailchimp;
  • GetResponse;
  • GoDaddy.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (5)

This category of HTML code widgets allows you to automate various functions, such as contact management and analytical aspects. So, it is convenient for email marketing and subscription options management. As a rule of thumb, many companies that provide similar products have clear instructions for activation and use cases.


Image widgets are especially useful for people who create photographs, infographics, graphic illustrations, and other types of visual content. Specialized widgets help you upload photos to your website or post your work to social media networks. They’re also convenient for creating graphic portfolios for working with clients.

The top three image widgets are:

  • PhotoSnack;
  • Magix;
  • Smilebox.

Special widgets can add social media slideshows, showcase certain products, or advertise services. Thanks to the graphical interface, users can see all the successful works and make choices based on the visual concept. Such fun widgets for websites are best for increasing the audience base.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (6)

Social media

No matter what type of business you’re in, you should—nay, you must—use social media. It is a powerful tool for promoting a brand, boosting conversions, and sales. Social media widgets can be placed in any part of the page where it will be convenient for customers to activate them. They allow your visitors to either go to your brand page on social networks, other sites or to share/repost your content on their own pages. On top of that, similar buttons allow people to like your posts.

Here are the top three social media widgets:

  • Shared Counts;
  • Sassy Social Share;
  • AddThis.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (7)

Booking widgets & calendars

This category of widgets allows you to perform multiple actions at once. First of all, you can simply place a calendar that would remind your client of various activities and events. You can also install an online widget for booking certain actions or ordering services. For example, this is a good option for a restaurant to book tables or make orders for a certain type of food.

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Such widgets also work great for personal trainers, coaches, and beauty salons. You can rent out your home and schedule the arrival of new guests. It is also good for selling online tickets for various seminars and events. Many widgets perform several functions at the same time, allowing you to save space on your site and provide users with maximum functionality.

The top three booking and calendar widgets are:

  • BookingBug;
  • ParkingPro Booking;
  • Booking Engine.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (8)

Other types of cool widgets

The number of fun and cool widgets can sometimes exceed the amount of free space you have on your web pages. However, there are some pretty exciting ones that deserve a shout-out. Check out the following widgets and see if there are any your website can benefit from:

  • Linking articles;
  • RSS feed;
  • Callbacks;
  • Quizzes and polls;
  • Reviews and ratings;
  • Maps.

Let’s take a look at the most significant items from this list. They can improve communication with your customers, increase conversion and increase user engagement.

The first one’s blogroll. It is a good type of widget for relinking your website pages. You can customize URL parameters, insert links, and customize publications on your websites. Talk about a simple and easy-to-use widget.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (9)

If you need to customize your RSS feed, then such widgets can be a great solution. The installation and configuration process for such tools is as simple as it gets. You can customize all posting and technical options for your audience.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (10)

Callback widgets are very important for websites that sell products or services. If your potential clients want you to call them back, then this tool will help you get every request on time and make scheduled calls.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (11)

BookWidgets is a great quiz and polls widget. It’s pretty easy to set up. Thanks to it, you can directly interact with your audience.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (12)

Reviews and ratings are very important to customers. Widgets like Yotpo can help you build up grades and user reviews. This builds brand confidence and helps convey important information to consumers.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (13)

Using maps on the site is a very good idea. A dedicated Google Maps widget will help your customers find your store or office. This shows the transparency of your business and increases the number of real visitors.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (14)

News feed

A lot of people start their day by getting some coffee and reading the news. News widgets can help you consolidate every new publication so that site visitors can read it comfortably. The most popular options are:

  • Press Release News Widget;
  • Beamer;
  • FeedWind.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (15)

Search forms

The search form is what your site needs if you have many articles and pages. Users should be able to enter a keyword and see the results. Standard sites based on free templates do not always have this functionality. Here are the top 3 options that might work for you:

  • Search Form Widget;
  • Customize Search Form;
  • Elementor Widgets.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (16)

E-commerce widgets

E-commerce is the engine of progress. With dedicated widgets, you can simplify the process of shopping for products, getting product information and more. Here are the top three widgets we recommend:

  • Ecwid Widget Suite;
  • Yotpo;
  • Shopial.
Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (17)

Fun widgets for websites

As a rule, commercial sites and online stores use only the most important widgets that perform specific functions. However, you can always add fun widgets to your blog or personal page. It can show your originality and allow you to interact with your audience in a different way. There are many interesting options for this.

Cyber-Pet widgets allow you to add a virtual pet to your website page. Users can feed your pet and ultimately get a lot of positive emotions. Right in the feels.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (18)

Another interesting option is the Magic 8-Ball. It can generate random answers to questions that will help your audience determine topics that are important to them.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (19)
(Video) Aesthetic + Functional Notion Apps and Widgets

Secret Message Scratch Card is another interesting option. Your visitors can erase the protective coating with a virtual coin and discover the secret message. This is a good option for interactive play with your audience.

Roaches will surprise your site visitors as cockroaches will appear on their screen. This is a fun format that will allow them to get a lot of positive and scary emotions.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (20)

Etch A Sketch is another great option for your website. This widget will allow your visitors to draw. This is a good option to keep your audience on the site.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (21)

Free widgets for websites

Many quality widgets cost a lot of money. But can you find free options that have similar functionality?

Many services allow you to download a free HTML code that you can integrate into your site. Not only do most of them work perfectly, but you can test their functionality and find the best format for yourself.

However, it is worth noting that commercial sites need the best technical solutions. So, you should choose one of these options:

  1. Find the best free review & recommendation widgets;
  2. Buy a paid widget with the functionality you need.

Each HTML code widget is worth considering in terms of quality and benefits in future use. Sometimes free options can be several times better than paid widgets and vice versa. This is a very complex topic that cannot be answered unequivocally. However, you can very likely find interesting widgets for which you do not have to pay a single dime.

There are quite a few free widgets that you can install on your website. WP Call Button is one example. This widget helps you set up an on-screen phone button for your customers. Now they don’t have to search for your company’s contact details.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (22)

RafflePress Lite is a good example of a free widget for organizing a giveaway or contest plugin. You can create a separate page for social media promotions and alert your audience about upcoming events.

This is another example of a good free widget that works as an anti-spam system. Once your site becomes popular, you have to face spammers. This widget will help you automate the system for filtering negative and offensive comments.

How to install HTML widgets

Find a suitable module and download it. This can be done on special sites for webmasters. You can use an external program, the code of which is integrated into the site page, or a special file with the .js extension. The JS file must be saved on the computer device in the same directory or a separate folder relative to the HTML file of a specific page.

Most CMS have the ability to disable or remove installed widgets. The administrator just needs to click on a specific widget and select the required option. Alternatively, you can deactivate the widget in the code editor by writing the required commands.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (23)

Next, you need to open the page where you plan on installing it using a text editor. On the page, you need to right-click and select the “Open with” option, and then select “Notepad” in the drop-down list.

Then you need to access the piece of code that you want to add the widget to. In the type field, specify the type of plug-in, and in the src section, write the URL address of the selected extension. When using a downloaded or generated JS file, you can write an absolute or relative path to a file with the .js extension in the src field.

Save changes to the edited file. Finally, check how it works in real time. If everything is okay, the installation of the module can be considered complete.

Top 10 widgets for your website

Now let’s take a look at five of the most popular widgets that will help you make your website more functional and convenient for each client. Each of these widgets belongs to a separate category and offers one of the most comfortable functionality for users and website owners.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (24)

Make sure your pages aren’t cluttered by following this UX/UI SEO guide


This widget is interesting for its versatility. First of all, it is a stylish chat for communicating with clients. Your managers can communicate with visitors and help them solve various problems. This widget can help you increase conversions and increase audience engagement.

Also, the widget helps with organizing email marketing and personalized emails. Another interesting option is the Help Desk. Multi-channel communications in one account will help website owners get a reliable tool for working with the audience and various commercial options.


It is a handy email subscription widget that you can embed on any website. This widget option allows you to manage contacts, set up automation, and analytics. Overall, it is an interesting email marketing tool for increasing conversions and brand awareness. The widget has a very simple interface, but at the same time, it is quite comfortable to use.


If you need interactivity and a way to engage people visiting your site then the use of digital flipbooks can make a huge difference. You can turn any boring PDF documents or other types of documents into beautiful, flippable, and embeddable pieces by using a digital flipbook maker such as Flipsnack! You can use this converter to create online magazines, digital flyers, and e-commerce product catalogs and quickly feature them on your site for improved user experiences.


This widget is associated with online booking options and allows you to interact with customers in a few clicks. For example, you can schedule business meetings with clients or negotiate various deliveries of goods. In general, this is a good option that will allow you to synchronize the calendar and various CMS platforms to control your work schedule.

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Many website owners want their content to be shared by many people on social networks and instant messengers. That’s why this widget will be especially interesting for creative people. If you’ve created good content, then people should see it. AddThis allows you to integrate widgets of over 200 social networks so that users can share your content with friends and their audience. The widget has a convenient setting of a graphical panel with a floating bar and image exchange. Now your audience can share your content seamlessly.


This widget is suitable for giveaway or contest options. You can customize the display of the distribution of prizes and various events on your site and attract an additional audience. The main advantage is that all these actions can be automated and less time will be spent on such marketing activities.

Simple Social Icons

This is a good option for creating social media icons. For example, your users can like or share a post on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. The widget format allows you to customize buttons and panels for your site.

Google Maps Widget

Such a widget can be placed in the menu with the company’s address bar. Make a mark on the map so that users can find you. This format is especially relevant if your office is located in a specific area, where there are many small premises and it takes clients a while to find the right path.

WP Call Button

This is a great option for those who need to quickly find a company phone and call. You can customize the widget to display on your home screen. This will allow you to simplify the process of communication with clients.

What to look for in website widgets

First of all, you need to decide on the functions you expect to get from a widget. There are many collections online full of popular options and their features. Finding the best widgets can take a while. But it’s a doable task, even if you’ve never used these options before. Here are some tips for you:

  • Decide on the functionality you expect to get from a widget;
  • Read real reviews from website owners;
  • Compare the functionality of paid and free options;
  • See how competitors have implemented it;
  • Test some cool stuff on your website.

The last point is the most important one. You should check the 5-10 most successful websites in your niche and analyze their widgets. Choose the best solutions that can provide your customers with the functionality and value they need. You should also test every selected option. What works well in one niche may not work well in another. After these steps, you can add widgets to your site.

Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (25)

Looking for the perfect website template? Read this blog post!

Now over to you

So, we looked at why you need widgets and how to install them on your site. Now you know that there are many types of widgets that can help you communicate with customers, group content, generate leads, or collect statistics.

Anyone can find free or paid widgets. In this blog post, you have examples of each widget category so you should have a rough idea of how they work. Now you can find a widget that will strike a chord with your audience and test it out on your site. Widgets will help you expand the standard functionality of your site and get the necessary leverage to manage your audience or content.

If you know of any cool and/or useful widgets, leave a comment below!


Website Templates


Useful Website Widgets That Add Value and Functionality (26)

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What is a widget on a website example? ›

What is a widget. A widget is a small functional block that is displayed on all pages of a website and is always in the users' field of view, making them perfect for posting important information and notifications. For example, on the website of a travel agency, a local weather widget will definitely come in handy.

How widgets are used in website? ›

A web widget is a component that can be added to a website or application as a stand-alone feature. Website widgets are relatively easy to set up, with copy-and-pasteable code blocks you can embed into your website without changing (or even fully understanding) the entire code framework of your website host.

What is widget in web development? ›

A web widget is a web page or web application that is embedded as an element of a host web page but which is substantially independent of the host page, having limited or no interaction with the host.

What are 3 things every website should have? ›

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  • Contact page.
  • Small chunks of information.
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21 Oct 2020

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Top 10 Things Every Website Needs
  • Helpful navigation. ...
  • Strong brand identity. ...
  • High-quality content. ...
  • A blog. ...
  • Clear calls-to-action. ...
  • Contact information. ...
  • Social media buttons. ...
  • Security features. This is something that's most important to websites where visitors may enter credit card or other sensitive information.

What are the two main types of widgets? ›

Types of Widgets:

There are broadly two types of widgets in the flutter: Stateless Widget. Stateful Widget.

What are different types of widget? ›

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  • Widget types. Information widgets. Collection widgets. Control widgets. Hybrid widgets.
  • Integrate widgets with Google Assistant.
  • Widget limitations. Gestures. Elements.
  • Design guidelines. Widget content. Widget navigation. Widget resizing. Layout considerations. Widget configuration by users.
  • Widget design checklist.

What are HTML widgets? ›

What are Widgets ? They allow for defining your own visualization charts (html/javascript), add options to them and save them so it can be reused in other reports. Once published users without technical knowledge can use them as any other charts in icCube. For this you'll need some html and javascript knowledge.

What is SEO widget? ›

This is a useful widget for keeping track of your website coverage within the search engines. It reports on the number your website pages currently included within the most popular search engines.

How do I turn my website into a widget? ›

To add the widget now go to your home screen and hold it down for a few seconds (this depends on the launcher). After that, you will see all the available widgets, now search for Widgery and select it. The Widgery app will open, now use the search engine to find the web page you added.

What is a WIX widget? ›

The Product Widget allows you to display a single product anywhere on your site. You decide what happens when clicked; the Product Page can open or the product can be added to the cart.

Is a QR code a widget? ›

The QR code widget allows you to scan large amounts of information directly off a phone's screen, from a laptop or in printed form. QR codes are images with a two-dimensional matrix that is often scanned by or displayed in smartphones.

Why are widgets useful? ›

Widgets take apps to another level by creating a larger space than a typical app icon to give you quick access to information without having to open the associated app.

Is a widget the same as an API? ›

In short, Widgets are a quick, non-technical solution, whereas the API is a more involved process that requires advanced technical knowledge.

What are good things to add to a website? ›

"Facts are important but stories get remembered and help you connect with your customers."
Website About Page Features
  • Map to Your Business. A map and address leads users to your office or store location. ...
  • Business Hours. ...
  • Contact Info. ...
  • Contact Form. ...
  • Biography.
1 Jan 2021

What sections should I have on my website? ›

They each have a part to play, helping to engage users, make sales, strengthen Google results, and build your brand's value over time.
No website should be without these page sections in their main menu:
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  • The about page.
  • The products and services pages.
  • The contact information page.
  • The blog page.
3 Aug 2021


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