28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (2023)

Unless you know the correct way of doing a certain thing, you will have to undergo indefinite trials, and it’s also probable that you might not be able to reach where you want to. The same is applicable to the virtual world where we live, eat and breathe, 24×7. If you want your website to reach a certain target group or simply rank among the top searches across the leading search engines, you will have to find the right way to do it in order to do it better and before your competitors.

SEO site checkup is one way to achieve your online marketing objectives, and you have to have paid or free SEO tools in your arsenal to give your website the desired push. Here are some of the best website SEO checker tools that should keep you ahead of the competition and help your website shine brighter in the realm of SEO.

Alexa Site Audit

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This easy-to-use tool not only finds and fixestechnical issues on a websitebut also offers backlink report and keyword suggestions based onAlexadata. The list of errors and corresponding actions could be ridiculously long, but this website SEO checker can arrange tasks in the same order they need to be handled. So, you can fix all those technical issues, one by one, in a systematic way.

Check My Links

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Check My Linksis really useful for web developers and content editors to check whether the links on their website are working or not. Check My Links crawls through your website and highlights both valid and broken links, in a couple of seconds. It’s fast, reliable and free of cost. If these attributes doesn’t make it a great tool, I don’t what will.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (3)

Primarily,DareBoostis used to improve the page speed, however, it can also provide great audit insights that can help you improve your website’s performance in a few simple steps. The tool also provides valuable tips and carries out comparison against competitor websites while allowing you to work on areas that need improvement. It’s a free SEO analysis tool, but you can always try out the paid version should you want to run in-depth analysis.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (4)

This SEO tool finds favour with beginners and expert webmasters alike, thanks to its in-depth analysis report and flexibility. If you have multiple website audit projects that need to be done urgently, this tool gives you the speed and accuracy to handle all of them.DeepCrawlcan automate the entire audit process and can also send notifications about any technical issue that may arise.

Found’s SEO Audit Tool

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Found’s SEO Audit toolsolves common SEO-related errors, such as content issues, technical issues related to domain canonicalization and issues related to external links. The report can be downloaded in the form of branded PDF that can be shared company-wide. This tool claims to give you an edge over your competitors, depending on how you use it to your advantage.

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Google Webmaster / Search Console

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (6)

It’s a great tool for beginners, as it offers a fair amount of insights of a given website and determines performance based on Speed, HTML markup, broken links, indexed webpages, etc.Google’s Search Consoleallows you to run different site checkups to measure performance in SERPs so that you can use results to improve and can also keep any problematic code from tampering with your website.

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

This versatile tool fromHubspotlooks at your entire website to measure performance while making sure it’s mobile-and-SEO-friendly. This tool is a great choice for both beginners and veterans. However, it may be a little complex to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, your website’s analysis will be at your fingertips.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (8)

Lipperheyis no different than any other website audit tool mentioned in this article. It has great features and also provides useful tips to strike out technical issues for an improved website performance. This audit tool makes monitoring on-page SEO characteristics fast, convenient and detailed. It’s not a popular tool but still finds favour with beginners as well as experts.

Moz Crawl Test

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Moz offers its users the ease of finding critical issues that can affect crawlability of the website. WithMoz Crawl Test, you can single out errors in title tags, duplicate content, incorrect server redirects and much more. The best part is you will get the complete analysis report via email, which you may share with your clients or keep it with yourself for future reference.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (10)

If you run a big marketing agency, this website auditing tool can be integrated on your website to generate more leads.MySiteAuthortool is different in the sense that it provides website audit report for a certain keyword and not the entire website. Further, the report is easy to understand for beginners and can be instantly downloaded in PDF format for quick sharing.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (11)

Nibbleris one of the paid SEO tools that are worth their salt. The free version of this tool offers free website audits for limited web pages, but once you switch over to the paid version, you can derive great benefits from it. Nibbler provides website analysis based on various parameters, such as accessibility, experience, technology and marketing to name a few, followed by general tips to not only improve your users’ experience on your website but also increase visibility in SERPs.

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Raven Tools

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Raven toolscan definitely take out the most difficult and stressful part from any website audit process, which means that you can save time and money for other important marketing strategies to elevate your overall success. Raven Tools help you create automated audit reports that make sense and save time.


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Using purchased links is the last thing you will want to do should you want to rank your website in SERPs. But in case you have used them already, you need not necessarily pay the piper.Remove’emcan be a saving grace for you, helping you reach out to those unnatural links and remove them altogether. This tool scans your backlink profile and turn in a list of the links you want removed. You may also use this tool to export the list of unwanted links to Google and tell it not to take those links into account when crawling through your website.

Screaming Frog

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Screaming Frogis a wonderful crawling/auditing tool that allows for detailed analysis on your website to serve up a report that indicates SEO loopholes and other useful insights you can use to improve. Based on 30 parameters, such as outlinks, meta descriptions and response time to name a few, the tool generates a detailed report for up to 500 URLs for free.

SE Ranking Website Audit

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SE Ranking website audittool identifies website errors quickly and offers suggestions to content writers and website developers so as to avoid technical issues in future. It’s a perfect tool for beginners, as it provides a detailed audit report which also has a Tips Section for better understanding of issues and how to fix them. The shareable report can be downloaded in PDF format.

SEM Rush

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (16)

SEM Rushhas over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords in its database, makeing it one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. It helps webmasters find certain keywords for which any website is ranking across Search Engines. You can also use this tool to measure your website’s performance against competitors and work on the areas that need improvement.

SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (17)

ContentLookaudit tool provides website analysis based on 6 parameters: blogging, authority status, links traffic, SEO activities and social signals, to help you fix errors and improve site’s visibility. If you are a beginner and don’t know what to do next after running a site audit, this tool will provide the information and useful tips to get all of your ducks in a row.

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SEO Report Card

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (18)

SEO Report Cardhelps you measure your website’s performance against competitors and present the analysis in the form of easy-to-comprehend visuals. The analysis covers link-building, website accessibility, trust metrics and everything in between. It also indicates the number of landing pages that have been successfully indexed and provides rank analysis based on the given keyword.

SEO Site Checkup

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (19)

This audit tool is a hero among SEO tools, offering 45 checks in 6 different categories to serve up a comprehensive report that you can use to improve results. Besides common SEO issues, it also takes care of social media and semantic web.SEO Site Checkuptool also gives proper recommendations to fix critical issues. On the flip side, the tool still puts emphasis on HTML sitemaps instead of XML sitemaps.

SEO Workers

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (20)

SEO Workerstool is worth giving a try – whether you are a beginner or an expert who knows it all. It can offer certain insights which come in handy to eliminate technical issues related to HTTP headers, Alt attributes, anchor tags, URLs found on the page, relevant keywords and more.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (21)

The free version ofSEOmatorallows only 50 pages of analysis, but when you switch to paid version, you can get complete analysis for both off-page and on-page SEO, along with added features that are missing in free version. The reports can be downloaded in the form of insightful charts, in the PDF format, for easy storage and sharing.


This free SEO tool can quickly analyze and report critical errors on your website, followed by useful recommendations to effect changes that will surely shoot your website’s ranking.Seoptimertool is also available as an extension for Google Chrome and other browsers to improve your experience as a user.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (23)

If you are required to analyze up to 20 webpages in a month, you can opt for the free version of this wonderful SEO tool. However, as your work increases, you can upgrade to paid version anytime to run unlimited website audits.SiteAnalyzertool checks your site’s performance based on 50 parameters, and you will get a global score to see find out where your website stands.Varvy’s SEO Tool

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Varvy’s SEO Tool

28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (24)

Varvy’sSEO Tool helps webmasters get a detailed website performance chart which not only highlights various issues but also tells the severity of each one of them. The comprehensive report analysis points out issues related to page speed, domain strength, technical SEO, social counts and more. This tool will also notify you on missing alt text or too many words usage so that you can immediately effect necessary changes.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (25)

Web CEOtool is a great pick for marketers who want crucial information, like social engagement, broken links, keyword analysis, link auditing of website and keywords that competitors are using, at their fingertips. This SEO tool goes into the indefinite depths of the website and serves up a detailed report in the PDF format, which can be easily downloaded and shared via email.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (26)

WebGnomes– This free auditing tool carries out website analysis based on 20 different on-page parameters that are crucial to your website’s ranking. It not only points out technical issues but also provides useful tips to fix them there and then.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (27)

Woorankarrives in both paid and free versions, with some restricted features in the latter. Woorank offers in-depth analysis that covers performance of existing SEO strategies, social media and more. The comprehensive report analysis is classified into eight sections for an improved readability quotient, and you may also download the report as branded PDF.


28 Top SEO Site Checkup Tools (28)

Wpromote– This free SEO tool can help you measure your website’s performance against unlimited competitors and can also tell the number of keywords for which two given websites rank better. It’s a great tool for beginners as well as experts who want to monitor their competitors closely.


SEO site checkup is an important factor that determines your website’s performance and expedites its growth. If you are not using these above-mentioned free SEO tools, you are falling behind in the virtual world. In today’s era, where Google SEO checker is available to one and all, for free SEO analysis, you need not necessarily invest in a paid version. However, the paid versions have their fair share of advantages, which will always keep you on track should you want a website SEO checker to improve your website’s performance in the long run.


What is the best SEO Checker tool? ›

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
  • Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool. ...
  • Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool. ...
  • SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools. ...
  • KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool. ...
  • Moz Pro: SEO Software. ...
  • Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool.
  • Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools. ...
  • SpyFu: Free SEO Tools.
18 Mar 2022

How can I check my website SEO performance? ›

Six tools to quickly check website SEO
  1. Check the site load time. Many website owners often underestimate the importance of this parameter or even aren't aware of it. ...
  2. Track keyword rankings for certain keyword phrases. ...
  3. Check the mobile-friendliness. ...
  4. Check the technical structure. ...
  5. Check content relevance. ...
  6. Audit internal links.
17 Dec 2019

Is SEO site Checkup free? ›

With an SEO site checkup from a free SEO site checkup tool, you'll gain insight into what your website does right and what areas could use improvement.

What is SEO tools for website? ›

SEO tools provide data and alerts about the overall health and success of your website. They help uncover areas of opportunity and identify weaknesses or issues that may prevent you from ranking and earning visibility in the SERPs.

What is an SEO checker? ›

What is an SEO checker? The Seobility SEO checker is a tool that scans any web page for technical errors and SEO issues that can have a negative impact on search engine rankings. Use it to get a comprehensive list of errors found on your web page and find out where you still have to improve your website.

What is SEO Audit Tool? ›

Found's SEO Audit Tool

Found's SEO Audit tool is a powerful tool for online marketers who are looking to find and solve SEO errors. You just need to enter your URL to get an instant report-based on the three main sections, i.e. technical, content issues, and external link analysis.

What is the cheapest SEO tool? ›

  • What Are Affordable SEO Tools?
  • SEO PowerSuite — Value Priced Desktop SEO Tools.
  • Mangools — Affordable SEO SaaS Tools.
  • Serpstat — All In One SEO Platform.
  • Ubersuggest — A Lower Priced SEO Tools Option.
  • Raven Tools — Integrated Platform for SEO and More.
  • Keywords Everywhere — Affordable Keyword Research.
25 Jul 2022

Is SEO a monthly fee? ›

#3 - SEO (search engine optimization) on a monthly basis.

The SEO cost per month in India is between Rs 5000 and Rs 25000, depending on the services provided. With regards to SEO, this is the most often used price structure.

Is SEO Cost per click? ›

There are two key differences when considering SEO or PPC. The first is that paid ads appear at the top of the page, above the organic listings influenced by SEO. The second is that traffic from organic via SEO is free, whereas traffic from PPC has a cost for each click.

Can I SEO my own website? ›

You can absolutely do SEO yourself or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With some research and lots of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. A quick way to get started with SEO is to enter your URL here and then focus your SEO efforts on the recommended action items.

What is simple SEO tool? ›

Simple SEO then guides you through easy to complete, bite-sized tasks that will improve your site's visibility on search engines. These tasks are bucketed into sections, including link-building, on-site optimization, local search, and social media.

How can I get free SEO tools? ›

Best free on-page optimization tools
  1. Rank Math Plugin. Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website content. ...
  2. Yoast SEO Plugin. ...
  3. Google Trends. ...
  4. Ahrefs Keyword Generator. ...
  5. Google Search Console. ...
  6. Bing Webmaster Tools. ...
  7. Google Analytics. ...
  8. Ahrefs Backlink Checker.
22 Dec 2020

What are the 3 C's of SEO? ›

Simply put, the fundamentals of SEO can be boiled down to The 3 Cs: content, code and credibility.

What are the 3 pillars of SEO? ›

The Three Pillars Of SEO: Authority, Relevance, And Experience.

What are the 3 steps to successful SEO? ›

The 3 Steps to Any Successful SEO Campaign
  1. Step #1 Get to Know Your Buyers and Their Search Habits. ...
  2. Step #2 Optimize Your Website and Add New Content. ...
  3. Step #3 Maximize Conversions From Website Visitors.

What are the 7 C's of digital marketing? ›

And a great approach to take is to implement the 7 Cs- customer, content, context, community, convenience, cohesion, conversion. Customers play a key role in the success of your company, and making them the center of your marketing efforts is the number one requisite for the 7 Cs model marketing to work.

Does Google have an SEO checker? ›

The Google SEO Checker is powered by the official Google Lighthouse platform, designed to improve the quality of a web page. Enter your URL and get access to how Google sees your website. Based on 14 key features Google will give you basic feedback and insights on how well your website is optimized for search.

How do I find SEO keywords? ›

  1. Step 1: Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business. ...
  2. Step 2: Fill in those topic buckets with keywords. ...
  3. Step 3: Understand How Intent Affects Keyword Research and Analyze Accordingly. ...
  4. Step 4: Research related search terms. ...
  5. Step 5: Use keyword research tools to your advantage.
7 Jan 2022

What is the best free SEO? ›

Yoast WordPress Plugin

It's by far the most robust SEO plugin on the market. The best part? It's 100% free. Sitemaps help Google and other search engines find, crawl and index all of the pages on your site.

Which is a free SEO audit tool? ›

6. Screaming Frog – Free For 500 URLs Or Less. Industry-leading site auditing software Screaming Frog offers a free version that's perfect for auditing smaller sites that are under 500 URLs. It's a powerful way to crawl a site and learn if there are any problems.

What is SEO Checklist module? ›

The SEO checklist module keeps a track of how tasks have been taken care of, what has already been done (with timestamps) and what needs to be attended to. If a task needs you to install a module, it provides with a link to download it as well. This data provides a report that can be used for further monitoring.

How do I do a full SEO audit? ›

  1. Step 1: Identify link building opportunities. ...
  2. Step 2: Identify site structure improvements. ...
  3. Step 3: Find (and fix) thin content. ...
  4. Step 4: Identify (and nix) duplicate content. ...
  5. Step 5: Scan for keyword optimization. ...
  6. Step 6: Make sure meta tags are optimized. ...
  7. Step 7: Identify page update opportunities.
20 Jun 2018

What are your top 5 SEO recommendations? ›

Here are the five SEO recommendations that I've consistently seen make a positive impact in SEO's ever-changing world.
  • Structured data matters. ...
  • Page freshness. ...
  • Internal linking (still matters) ...
  • Title tags. ...
  • Obtain backlinks.
26 Mar 2019

Which are best 10 features to have for every website? ›

Top 10 Things Every Website Needs
  • Helpful navigation. ...
  • Strong brand identity. ...
  • High-quality content. ...
  • A blog. ...
  • Clear calls-to-action. ...
  • Contact information. ...
  • Social media buttons. ...
  • Security features. This is something that's most important to websites where visitors may enter credit card or other sensitive information.

How much is SEO per hour? ›

Average SEO costs are $100-$250 an hour for US SEO agencies. SEO costs often range from $2,500 – $10,000 per month for US agencies. The average SEO plan costs $2819 per month (per Ahrefs) Overseas SEO companies may charge $10-$50 an hour.

Which keyword tool is free? ›

WordStream's Free Keyword Tool gives you hundreds of relevant keyword results, plus additional, actionable information like competition level and estimated CPC, all for free! It's an awesome alternative to Google's Keyword Planner.

Is GoDaddy SEO free? ›

What is GoDaddy SEO? GoDaddy offers two services designed to help with your SEO. The first is a DIY tool called GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization or GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility. It costs $6.99 per month and analyzes your website for keyword and phrase suggestions.

Is SEO still relevant in 2022? ›

The fact that SEO works perfectly fine even in 2022 as a method of delivering improved commercial outcomes for business websites and their owners, combined with the need for ongoing research into what works, makes it still relevant as a digital marketing method, but even more so as a valuable service and a rewarding ...

How much does SEO tools cost? ›

SEO Pricing FAQ

For enterprise level companies, SEO pricing starts at $2,000 per month. SEO software for keyword rank tracking costs between $500–$4,500 per month depending on the number of keywords tracked, and rates for consultants fall between $500–$3,000 for a monthly retainer.

Which is better SEO or PPC? ›

SEO is also more effective for local searches and can grow your online presence for longer. Pay-per-click (PPC), on the other hand, is an acquisition strategy that requires you to spend ad money to get your content in front of an audience when they search for specific keywords online.

What is ROI in SEO? ›

By definition, ROI of SEO calculates the return of investment from your SEO efforts. A site will have a positive return of investment if the organic revenue generated by your SEO campaigns is higher than their cost.

What is PPC vs SEO? ›

What's the difference between SEO and PPC? In a nutshell, SEO is how to drive organic traffic to your website by optimizing web pages, and PPC are ads that you pay for, appearing at the top and foot of search engine results pages - SERPs, or displayed on other websites.

How can I increase my SEO naturally? ›

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. ...
  2. Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  3. Metadata. ...
  4. Have a link-worthy site. ...
  5. Use alt tags.

Can you do SEO without coding? ›

The short answer is: no, SEO typically doesn't require much (or any) hands-on coding. You can absolutely do a fine job of SEO without touching code.

Can I do SEO alone? ›

If you've wondered, “Can I do SEO myself?” the answer is definitely. You don't need to hire an outside agency to improve your SEO, and this guide gives you some basic SEO tips to get started.

What is a backlink in SEO? ›

A backlink is when one website links to another with an anchor text. An example of a backlink is any article you find that links to another source or website. You can find examples of website backlinks all over the internet, especially on popular blog sites that link back to relevant content.

How can I get 100 score in SEO? ›

Pages should have headings and subheadings

Instead of writing a wall of text on each of your posts, you need to break them down by providing a main title and subheadings. Format your site content correctly to improve your site's #SEO score and increase your search ranking.

Is Google Analytics a SEO tool? ›

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

How can I practice my SEO skills? ›

Then that's why SEO is so important.
Here are the steps of teaching yourself SEO in 6 steps:
  1. STEP 1 – Find a resource for beginners. ...
  2. STEP 2 – Practice! ...
  3. STEP 3- Find a Mentor. ...
  4. STEP 4 – Join an SEO Group. ...
  5. STEP 5 – Know what's going on in the SEO world. ...
  6. STEP 6 – Rinse & Repeat.

Which is the best paid tool for SEO audits? ›

10 Top SEO Audit Tools
  1. SEMrush Site Audit Tool. A powerful SEO audit software that provides everything you need to analyze key SEO factors. ...
  2. Google Search Console. ...
  3. SiteChecker Pro. ...
  4. Ahrefs SEO Site Audit Tool. ...
  5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider. ...
  6. Bing Webmaster Tools. ...
  7. Google Lighthouse. ...
  8. Pagespeed Insights.
6 days ago

Does Grammarly check SEO? ›

Not only is Grammarly a great tool for checking general writing mistakes, for SEO, it can: By correcting basic mistakes, Grammarly helps you rank in Google. This is because the Google bots are getting smarter, so people who used AI generators in the past, cannot rely on this method anymore.

What are the 3 types of SEO? ›

The three kinds of SEO are: On-page SEO – Anything on your web pages – Blogs, product copy, web copy. Off-page SEO – Anything which happens away from your website that helps with your SEO Strategy- Backlinks. Technical SEO – Anything technical undertaken to improve Search Rankings – site indexing to help bot crawling.

Can I do SEO by myself? ›

You can absolutely do SEO yourself or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With some research and lots of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. A quick way to get started with SEO is to enter your URL here and then focus your SEO efforts on the recommended action items.

Which is one of the free SEO audit tool? ›

SEOptimer is a free SEO Audit Tool that will perform a detailed SEO Analysis across 100 website data points, and provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps you can take to improve your online presence and ultimately rank better in Search Engine Results.

Is there an app for SEO? ›

Google Analytics

Before you take steps to improve your SEO, you need a service to measure the results of those steps. Google Analytics is among the top analytics services around. Moreover, it has a great Android app and is free to use.

Does GoDaddy use SEO? ›

SEO services is compatible with all types of hosting and site builders -- from GoDaddy supported products such as Website Builder, Online Store and WordPress to sites hosted elsewhere, such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

What should be avoided in SEO? ›

Common SEO Mistakes
  • Slow Site Speed. ...
  • Bad Reviews on Google. ...
  • Faulty Google My Business Verification Code. ...
  • Lack of Location-Specific Pages. ...
  • Duplicate Content. ...
  • Broken Images and Missing Alternative Texts. ...
  • Outdated Content and Information on Site. ...
  • Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile.
30 Nov 2021


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